Bonsai - Architecturally Beautiful Plants

The word Bonsai comes from the Chinese word 'pun sai' which means tree in a pot.

Bonsai is an art form that recreates nature's architecturally beautiful plants in a miniature form. It's truly the representation of what an ABP is about. It originated in China and was transported to Japan around 500 years ago where it became an art form. Now it has pervaded into the rest of the world.

The art of Bonsai has categorized different architecture forms into Bonsai styles. These styles are what Bonsai artists have observed in nature for hundreds of years. The common styles are represented below.

Other then the styles, other techniques of creating deadwood ('jin' and 'shari') in Bonsai gives characteristics of age and weathering (struck by lightning)

Pot selection is also vital to match the structure of the Bonsai to accentuate its architectural beauty.

Some architecturally beautiful Bonsais.

Goshin by John Naka
Hiroshima Survivor

Walter Pall's Bonsai Gallery

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