Architecturally Beautiful Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens are literally gardens that grow on vertical walls. Why is it featured in PlantWerkz is because it brings out the essence of architecturally beautiful plants. It is typically made out of a metal frame, a PVC layer and a layer of felt that enables capillary action for homogenous water distribution. Other alternatives are bamboo frames that house pots of plants with a PVC watering system.

The entire architectural structure of plants growing on vertical walls mimic nature of plants growing on vertical cliffs off shorelines, waterfalls
and caves. Not only it's breath-taking to look at, its thermic isolation effect helps to lower energy consumption in buildings both in winter (by protecting the building from the cold) and in summer (by providing a natural cooling system).

Vertical Garden at Caixaforum Madrid

Vertical Garden at Hotel Reception
Vertical Garden at Pershing Hall

Vertical Gardens from:

Patrick Blanc
Michael Hellgren

Check out this book on how to build your own vertical garden.

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  1. Wonderful post! I'm heading to Portland to see new green walls and roofs since my last visit. The Pacific Northwest of U.S. is vigorously pursuing vegetative architecture! Alice Joyce

  2. OMG! How beautiful!!! 4th image is my favorite! Wonderful!

  3. great....i also have a review of Vertical Gardens at my blog

  4. Great selection of vertical gardens you have here.


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