Dragon Tree - Dracaena Draco

Common Name: The Dragon Tree, DracoScientific Name: Dracaena DracoHeight: Maximum unknown - estimated 12 metersSpan: Depends on number of branches (2m - 8m)Growth Rate: 1.2 meters in 10 yearsSun Tolerance: Full SunABP Index: 4.8 (Aesthetics 5, Solidarity 4.5)

The Dragon Tree gets its name from being a 20 million year old living fossil and oozing a deep red sap (dragon's blood) when wounded. Seemingly mysterious in the way it grows, branching out at times and sometimes no, depending on the dragon's mood. The scaly bark of the branches change over time as if the dragon has battled over nature elements for thousands of years, giving it that ancient look.

A single branch Draco

Multi-branch Draco
Forest of Ancient Dracos
Draco at a restaurant in Lanzarote, Espana
Thousand Year Old Draco in Icod de los Vinos in northwest Tenerife
Dragon Scales
Commercially available Dracos
Dragon Trees in the land of Socotra, Yemen

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  1. I love the look of this tree. thanks for sharing!


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