New Zealand Flax - Phormium Tenax

Rainbow Color New Zealand Flax

Common Name: New Zealand Flax
Scientific Name: Phormium Tenax
Height: up to 3 m
Span: Leaves are 2-4 inches wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun, Shade
ABP Index: 2.0 (Aesthetics 3.0, Solidarity 1.0)

The New Zealand Flax is an Agrave family plant that looks very much like grass. It has been used by the Maori people (local New Zealand Natives) to weave clothing, baskets, fishing nets, sandals and almost anything you can think of. They also use the sap, roots and nectar for different medicinal purposes.

The beauty of this plant comes from the multiple varieties that exude many different rainbow colors and it's razor looking sword like blades. The NZ Flax (certain species) can also grow up to 3 meters in height and look very impressive. It also have different architecturally shapes. From the upright flax shape to the arching flax shape, both have their architectural beauty. To top it off, the NZ Flax would occasionally produce heliconia like beautiful flowers that stick out up to 5 meters in height.

Pot of New Zealand Flax (Upright Flax Shape)

Field of New Zealand Flax

New Zealand Flax Flowers

New Zealand Flax Leave Tips

New Zealand Flax (Arching Flax Shape)

New Zealand Flax Red Leave Variety

Different Colors of New Zealand Flax Leaves

Different Flax varieties in architectural shapes and colors here
New Zealand Flax history and uses here

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  1. They all are beautiful, but what about that blue color - is it a joke or it can be blue?!


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