Xanthorrhoea Australis - Grass Tree / Black Boy

 Shaven Multi-head Xanthorrhoea Australis Black Boy

Common Name: Black Boy, Grass Tree, Bukkup or Kawee
Scientific Name: Xanthorrhoea Australis
Height: 2-4m
Span: 1-3m
Growth Rate: Slow Growing
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun
ABP Index: 4.5 (Aesthetics 4.5, Solidarity 4.5)

The Xanthorrhoea Australis or commonly known as the Black Boy is found only in Australia, a land of many unique flora and fauna. The black trunks are the result of them surviving the bush fires that frequents their semi-desert environment and creates a unique reptile looking texture. The needle like leaves, sprout like someone's hair who just got out of bed. Many people who have the black boy would trim the leaves to expose the beautiful trunk and a sprout of leaves at the top. This plant is a protected species in Australia and if bought, would need a licensed tag on it to export. A truly unique and architecturally beautiful plant.

2x Xanthorrhoea Australis Black Boys

Group of Xanthorrhoea Australis Black Boys 1

Group of Xanthorrhoea Australis Black Boys 2

 Solitary Shaven Xanthorrhoea Australis Black Boy

Xanthorrhoea Australis Black Boy Flowering

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