Joey Palm - Johannesteijsmannia Altifrons

Magnificent Joey Palm

Common Name:   Joey Palm
Scientific Name  Johannesteijsmannia Altifrons
Height:  10-20 ft
Span:  10-15 ft
Growth Rate:  Slow
Sun Tolerance:  Shade
ABP Index: 4.5 (Aesthetics 4.5, Solidarity 4.5)
Joey palm is an amazing palm with diamond shaped leaves, which grows from the ground.  It is also referred as Diamond Joey Palm due to the resemblance of its leaves. The Joey Palm is originally from Asia and has no trunk. The tree grows well in high humidity and can tolerate cold as well. The flowers of the Joey palm are creamy that are straight away followed by the fruits. It is evergreen and suitable for indoor.

 Closer View of Joey Palm Leaves 

 Joey Palm Leaves

Blooming Joey Palm Leaves
Joey Palm from Ground View

 Full Grown Joey Palm 

 Sapling of Joey Palm

Bark of Joey Palm

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