Tree Fern - Cyathea Latebrosa

Tree Fern - Cyathea Latebrosa

Common Names:Tree Fern
Scientific Name: Cyathea Latebrosa
Height: 8-10 m
Growth Rate: Medium.
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun, Shade
Span: 2-3 m
ABP Index: 4.0 (Aesthetics 4.0, Solidarity 4.0)

Tree ferns are a group of relatively primitive ferns in the order Cyatheales, most of them characterized by ascending trunklike stems and an arborescent (treelike) habit. Tree ferns are conspicuous plants of humid tropical forests around the world. Species found at lower elevations are often widespread colonizers of disturbed or successional habitats. A large number of species are restricted to very small ranges on islands or at higher elevations, often in more-mature forests on isolated tropical mountaintops. 

Tree Fern with Dead Leaves

Tree Fern Leaflets

Tree Fern Trunk

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