Ground Pine - Lycopodium Obscurum

Lycopodium Obscurum

Common name: Ground Pine
Scientific name: Lycopodium Obscurum
Height: 0.60 m
Growth rate: Moderate

Sun Tolerance: Full Sun, Shade
Span: 1 m
ABP Index: 2.75 (Aesthetics 3.5, Solidarity 2.0)

Lycopodium is a genus of clubmosses, also known as ground pines, in the family Lycopodiaceae, a family of fern-allies (see Pteridophyta). They are flowerless, vascular, terrestrial or epiphytic plants, with widely-branched, erect, prostrate or creeping stems, with small, simple, needle-like or scale-like leaves that cover the stem and branches thickly. The fertile leaves are arranged in cone-like strobilli. Specialized leaves (sporophylls) bear reniform spore-cases (sporangia) in the axils, which contain spores of one kind only. These club-shaped capsules give the genus its name. 

Lycopodium Obscurum Sporophylls
Lycopodium Obscurum Shoot
Lycopodium Obscurum Flower

 Lycopodium Obscurum Top
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