Shaving Brush Tree - Pseudobombax Ellipticum

Shaving Brush Tree Young

Common Name: Shaving Brush Tree
Scientific name: Pseudobombax ellipticum 
Height: 20-40 ft. (6-12 m)
Span: 4-6m
Growth rate: Fast
Sun Tolerance: Full sun
ABP Index: 2.0 (Aesthetics 2.0, Solidarity 2.0)

The Pseudobombax ellipticum -Shaving Brush Tree one of the beautiful trees of tropical area. Generally it grows 20-40 ft. Some times it can grow up to 60 ft (18m). Leaves are first bright red turning a fine green as they mature. It blooms flowers in late winter (often February-March). The Flowers are silky and two types colors. Some trees bloom red-pink flowers and some white flowers. They are looking so beautiful when they are in full bloom. The wood is interesting as well, showing stripping of greens, yellows, browns and white. For this reason the people of Central America plant the tree in their garden and the attractive flowers are used to decorate their homes and churches. The Shaving brush tree is especially cute when it's young - having a bulb like swollen stem that look like a green rock melon. The trees also used as firewood and wood for carving handicrafts.

Shaving Brush Tree
Flower: Red-Pink

Flower: White

Shaving Brush Tree Wood
Shaving Brush Tree: Fruits
Shaving Brush Tree in garden
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