Red Cotton Tree - Bombax Ceiba

Red Cotton Tree

Common Name: Red Cotton Tree
Scientific Name:
Bombax Ceiba
Over 40 ft (12m+)
30-40 ft (9-12 m)
Growth Rate: M
Sun Tolerance:
Full Sun
ABP Index
: 2.0 (Aesthetics 2.0, Solidarity 2.0)

The Bombax Ceiba-Red cotton tree is commonly known as Cotton Tree. This is a tropical tree and has a straight tall trunk. The trunk is full of heavy thorn. Its leaves are deciduous in winter. In the middle of spring it is full blooming and they are looking so beautiful. Flowers colors are Red and Orange. At that time huge numbers of bees and birds are gathering on the tree for honey. Its fruits like a capsule which, when ripe, contains white fabrics like cotton. Its seeds are poisonous. Although this is a tropical forest tree but most often it plants in the park and beside the road for its beauty. It is widely planted in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malay, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Red Cotton Tree

Red cotton tree: Plants

Red Cotton Tree Flower

Red cotton tree: Flower red

Red cotton tree: Flower Orange

Red cotton tree: Fruits

Red cotton tree

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