Red Cat's Tail - Acalypha Reptans

Red Cat's Tail 

Common Name: Red Cat's Tail
Scientific Name: Acalypha Reptans
Height: 12–20 Inc (30 – 55 cm)
Span:  12–20 Inc (30 – 55 cm)
Growth Rate:  Fast
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun
ABP Index: 3.0 (Aesthetics 4.0, Solidarity 2.0)

Red Cat's Tail scientific name is Acalypha Reptans.  It is native to south and East Asia. It grows 12-20 inc (20-55cm) in height. Lance to oval-shaped leaves that are mid-green. It produces pinky-red catkin like woolly tail flowers up to 10 cms long, in summer and autumn. This plant is grown mainly foe its attractive flowers and lush foliage, in colder climates they can be grown indoors in bright light. The flowers color is red and looks like a Cat’s Tail so it’s called Red Cat’s Tail. This is an ornamental tree so people like to plant it in their garden of in the tub. 
Red Cat's Tail Flowers

Red Cat's Tail Flowers

Red Cat's Tail Leaves

Red Cat's Tail Flowers

Red Cat's Tail Leaves with flowr

Red Cat's Tail in tubs

Red Cat's Tail in the garden

Red Cat's Tail in Wild

Red Cat's Tail in garden

Red Cat's Tail 

Red Cat's Tail 
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