Leopard Flower - Belamcanda Chinensis

Leopard Flower - Belamcanda Chinensis

Common Name: Leopard Flower
Scientific Name: Belamcanda Chinensis
Height: 2–3 ft (60 - 90 cm)
Span:  2–3 ft (60 - 90 cm)
Growth Rate:  Fast
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun
ABP Index: 2.5 (Aesthetics 3.0, Solidarity 2.0)

Leopard Flower the scientific name is Belamcanda Chinensis. It is also known as blackberry lily or  leopard lily. The plants grow up to 2-3 ft (60-90 cm) in height.  The leaves are green in color and grow in a fan, like those of agladiolus. It blooms in mid summer or early fall. The flowers are multi-color but they are typically orange spotted with red, although yellow-flowered varieties are in cultivation. The flower looks like skin of a leopard so it called leopard flower or leopard lily and the seed pods open in the fall, showing clusters of black seeds whose fancied resemblance to a blackberry, so people also gives the plant its common name, "Blackberry Lily".The leopard lily is a flowering perennial of Chinese origin, and is locally used in Chinese villages for its medicinal values. Currently, studies are underway to investigate its apparent potential against prostate cancer. Belamcanda chinensis is an ornamental plants, people love to plant it in their garden.

Leopard Flower : Young Plants

Leaves of Leopard Flower

Leopard Flower : Flower

Flowrs of Leopard Flower

Flowers of Leopard Flower 

Leopard Flower  with pod

Seeds of Leopard Flower

Seeds of Leopard Flower

Seeds of Leopard Flower

Leopard Flower in a home garden

Leopard Flower
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