Spiral Ginger - Costus Curvibracteatus

Close up of the Costus Flower and Leaves
Common Name: Costus, Spiral Ginger
Scientific Name: Costus Curvibracteatus
Height: Below 0.3 m
Span: 0.3 m (grows more branches sideways)
Growth Rate: unknown
Sun Tolerance: Shade
ABP Index: 2 (Aesthetics 3, Solidarity 1)

Costus Curvibracteatus is a wide leave plant with distinctive red flowers that can bloom all year round when conditions are right. The branches grow in a spiral shape, distributing it's beautiful wide leaves as cover for the ground. This plant looks beautiful when there is a whole lot of it growing together with spots of bright red flowers.

A patch of Costus at Aramsa in Bishan Park, Singapore

Another patch of Costus at Singapore General Hospital

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