Grandidier's Baobab - Adansonia grandidieri

Common Name: Grandidier's Baobab
Scientific Name:
Adansonia grandidieriHeight: up to 25mSpan: up to 3m diameter trunkGrowth Rate: unknownSun Tolerance: Full Sun, indoor (bonsai)ABP Index: 4.8 (Aesthetics 5, Solidarity 4.5)

The crown jewels of Madagascar, the Grandidier's Baobab is the grandest of the 6 Baobab species found in Madagascar. The cylindrical trunk can grow up to 3 meters in diameter and tower up to 25 meters in height with a beautiful crown of leaves at the top. The sight of these trees anchor your legs on the ground and stand in awe. The Grandidier's Baobab also make good bonsai plants.

Avenue of Baobab, Madagascar
Avenue of Baobab, Madagascar
Grandidier's Baobabs at Morondava, Madagascar

image sources from Wikipedia

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