Giant Water Lily - Amazing Victoria Amazonicas

Giant Water Lilies at the Kew Gardens

Common Name:
Giant Water Lily, Amazon Water LilyScientific Name: Victoria AmazonicaHeight: Water LevelSpan: 3 m diameter each leafGrowth Rate: very fast, as fast as 6 inches a daySun Tolerance: Full SunABP Index: 3.5 (Aesthetics 4, Solidarity 3)

'Giant' water lilies, can't describe how big these lilies can be. Some could be as big as 3 m diameter and carry a weight of 45kg spread evenly. The beauty of this plant is not only in the size of the leaf but also the beautiful patterned veins underneath that support the leaf's weight. Put a few of these leaves together and you have a mesmerizing 'unreal' sight of green giant lily pads.

Baby on the Giant Water Lily

Flower of the Giant Water Lily

Beautiful veins and Underside of the Giant Water Lily
Growing Leaf of the Giant Water Lily

More information on the Victoria Amazonicas here
Documentary video of the Victoria Amazonicas here

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  1. wow!
    i used to want to build my house on one of these leaves...

  2. It's amazing how big these giant water lilies get. Crazy that it can support a baby! Great photos!

  3. Victoria Amazonicas(local name is Thangjing) is one of the most popular food in Manipur, a Beautiful state of India, its being a wonderful and amazing food for decades..!! Sana..!!

  4. wow... that's interesting... didn't know you could eat the Thangjing? Isn't it too hairy?


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