Tower Tree - Schizolobium Parahybum

Tower Trees at Lorong Chuan, Singapore

Common Name: Brazilian Fern Tree, Tower Tree
Scientific Name: Schizolobium parahybum

8 - 35 m

Span: 3 m per crown
Growth Rate: very fast, 7 m in 3 years
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun, Shade
ABP Index: 4 (Aesthetics 4, Solidarity 4)

The Tower Tree is a beautiful fern tree. It looks almost like those umbrellas you have when you drink a cocktail. This tree grows fast and can reach 7 m in height in 3 years. Some Tower Trees that grow in forest have reached heights of 35 m. The architectural beauty of this tree comes from the 'small' crown of leaves on the top and it's 'skinny thin' trunk that finds its way up in a artistic fashion. For that, it is given a ABP rating of 4.

More information on the Tower Tree here

Tower Trees at Chinese Swimming Club, Singapore
Tower Trees at Chinese Swimming Club, Singapore
Crown of Tower Tree

Trunk of Tower Tree


  1. wow! isnt it so cool that it can get all the sun it needs with such few leaves?
    and the trunk looks like it has hearts on it! It reminds me to love the earth!

  2. yup this tree is beautiful. I got 2 of them in my backyard

  3. was looking for a picture of a tower tree and chanced on your blog. It might interest you to know that the NParks people are no longer planting these trees as they may snap when trunk grows too high. Also, when pruned or cut, it doubles it trunk which make it even more prone to snapping.

  4. how are you supposed to trim a tower tree if you want it to grow again?


  5. Am not too sure... these grow very fast.
    I have seen some cut at the trunk area and it just grows out from the side of the cut area.

    You can ask people at:


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