Elephant's Ears - Alocasia Macrorhiza

Alocasia Macrorhiza 'Solid Gold'

Common Name: Elephant's Ear, Yam Plant
Scientific Name: Alocasia Macrorhiza
Height: 1.8 m
Span: 1.5 m
Growth Rate: Very fast
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun, Shade
ABP Index: 3.5 (Aesthetics 4, Solidarity 3)

Crowned as the plant with the biggest undivided leaf, the Alocasia is one magnificient sight. These leaves are about 0.9 m high and 0.6 m wide. The Alocasia Macrorhiza has many different varieties of colors. Among them, the 'Solid Gold' and the 'Black Stem' are the most beautiful, displaying gold and black veins of their stem and leaves. They are also hardy plants that can grow well in almost any kind of conditions.

Alocasia Macrorhiza 'Solid Gold' Leaf
Alocasia Macrorhiza 'Solid Gold' new leaf shoot
(grows into a leaf in 3-4 days)
Alocasia Macrorhiza 'Black Stem'

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  1. You should go Sarawak/Sabah to photograph Alocasia robusta. It is truly the biggest alocasia and biggest undivided leaf plant as claimed.

  2. I have elephant ears in my yard that are the biggest I have ever seen. They are over seven foot tall. Is this a record of some kind?

  3. I think the Alocasia Borneo Giant is the biggest. Some say it's up to 18 feet tall.

  4. Islavede is right - although Borneo giant (I have it in my collection though not giant yet!) is a big plant - the biggest undivided leaf in the plant kingdom belongs to Alocasia robusta

  5. Alocasia Robusta is the largest, in fact it has the largest undivided leaf of any living plant.

    But it's so finicky it's even hard to grow in Florida - no chance at all outside in Europe really. So as you can grow Borneo Giant if temps get into the 20's then yes it is the biggest you'll come across in practice


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