Macrozamia Moorei

Macrozamia Moorei in Landscape

Common Name: Macrozamia Moorei
Scientific Name: Macrozamia Moorei
Height: up to 7 m
Span: up to 4 m
Growth Rate: Unknown
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun, Shade
ABP Index: 2.0 (Aesthetics 1.5, Solidarity 2.5)
The Macrozamia Moorei is a cycad, a living, breathing prehistoric plant from the age of dinosaurs. It is a native of Queensland, Australia, like the Bottle Tree, and looks very much like palms. It doesn't look beautiful in the wild with its fronds being too much and messy. However, when its trimmed with lesser leaves, it reveals a beautiful brown/black beehive looking trunk and tree looks like a beautiful shuttlecock.

Macrozami Moorei Trunks

Bald Macrozamia Moorei

Macrozamia Moorei

Macrozamia Moorei Nursery Farm

2 Headed Macrozamia Moorei

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  1. helloo...this macrozamia remind me to egypt.
    i thought i ever saw macrozamia also in my country indonesia.
    i think it's match with a fish pound under it :-)


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