Ruffled Fan Palm - Licula Grandis

Tall Ruffled Fan Palm Group
Common Name: Ruffled Fan Palm, Vanuata Fan Palm, Ruffled Lantan Palm
Scientific Name: Licuala Grandis

Height: 3 m

Span: 1.5 m

Growth Rate: Slow Growing

Sun Tolerance: Shade, Indoor

ABP Index: 3.8 (Aesthetics 4.0, Solidarity 3.5)

The Ruffled Fan Palm originated from Vanuatu, Australia. The palm has a long slender trunk which normally extends perpendicularly upwards wearing a crown of bright green leaves right at the top. The leaves contour like green 'Ruffles' potato chips and are almost round with sawtooth edges, overlapping each other gently.

The Ruffled Fan Palm thrives under shade and not so windy areas which can fray the beautiful leaves. It also produces fruits that resemble beautiful bunches of orange and red ruby beads. Excellent architecturally beautiful indoor plant

Ruffled Fan Palm Group
Ruffled Fan Palm Group
Ruffled Fan Palm Group
Ruffled Fan Palm Fruits
Ruffled Fan Palm Younglings (Babies)

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