Traveller's Palm - Ravenala Madagascarienis

Group of Matured Traveller's Palm at Tampines Singapore

Common Name: Traveller's Palm
Scientific Name: Ravenala Madagascarienis
Height: up to 9 - 18 m
Span: up to 6 m
Growth Rate: Normal
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun, Shade
ABP Index: 4.0 (Aesthetics 4.0, Solidarity 4.0)

The Traveller's Palm is not a true palm but a member of bird of paradise family. It's name comes from 2 distinct features. One, water is collected at the trunk of the plant (about 1 liter per branch) and a traveller can quench his thrist. Two, the plant tends to grow in a east-west direction and a traveller can use it as a compass when he's lost.

This native of Madagascar (just like the Grandidier Baobab and Madagascar Almond) is beautifully and symmetrically shaped like a Chinese fan and is made up of many paddle-shaped, banana like leaves that can stretch more than 3 m each. The petioles (leaf stems) forms the basic architecture of the plant and is evident even as a young plant without the trunk.

It is best to place the Traveller's Palm in a place without strong winds as it would tear the leaves and cause the plant to look less aesthetic. Dead branches should be cut off too and not left hanging to the trunk to enhance the beauty of this plant. One of nature's distinct and finest tropical plants.

Group of Growing Traveller's Palm

A Traveller's Palm with Young Shoots
Group of Matured Traveller's Palm

Beautiful Symmetrical Petioles (leaf stem) patterns of the Traveller's Palm

Beautiful Symmetrical Petioles (leaf stem) patterns of the Traveller's Palm

More information on the Traveller's Palm:

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  1. Wonderful palm tree! I took a picture of a palm during my recent Kauai trip, but didn't know its name. Now, looking at your pictures, I think it is a Traveller's Palm. Thanks!

  2. Love the look of these beautiful palms.


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