Coral Tree - Erythrina Fusca

Beautiful View of Coral Tree in a Garden

Common NameCoral Tree, Purple Coral Tree, Coral bean
Scientific Name: Erythrina Fusca
Height: 5 - 8 meters
Span: 5 - 8 meters
Growth Rate: Slow
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun
ABP Index: 3.75 (Aesthetics 3.5, Solidarity 4)

Erythrina Fusca is also known as coral tree, which is a deciduous and tropical tree. It is a small tree with branches that grow in nice bonsai form. It’s spiny bark with red flowers makes it a treat to watch especially during certain seasons where it is just filled with red flowers. The tree attracts nectar feeding birds and the most often visitor to this gorgeous tree is hummingbird, which pollinate its flowers. The tree’s young leaves and flowers are eaten in some parts of the world. As a matter of fact, Erythrina Fusca is the official flower of Trujillo, a state in Venezuela.

Bonsai Structure of the Coral Tree

Bunch of Coral Tree flowers

A Bird Feeding on Coral Tree Flowers

Coral Tree Garden

Bunch of Coral Tree Flowers

Video on Coral Tree:

More Information on the Coral Tree:

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  1. What a gorgeous tree. I have never saw one before and I am amazed at the beautiful blooms.


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