Giant Fishtail Palm - Caryota No


Giant Fishtail Palm's Magnificent Leaves

Common Name: Giant Fishtail Palm 
Scientific Name: Caryota No 
Height: 25 meters
Span: 3 - 4 meters
Growth Rate: Fast
Sun Tolerance: Shade, Full Sun
ABP Index: 2.5 (Aesthetics 2.5, Solidarity 2.5)

Giant Fishtail Palm is rapid growing tall tree from native Borneo and has a strong solitary trunk with large fishtail leaves. This rare and amazing tree can grow more than 40 feet in height. The Giant Fishtail Palm will flourish in enriched or moist soil and they can tolerate light shade when small, prospering into full sun as they grow up. The main architectural beauty of the plant is in the giant leaves. It is made out of many, many sub leaflets spread out to form an enormous looking fan. The tree’s fruit may cause irritation so it is better to avoid direct contact with fruits. 

Row of Giant Fishtail Palm at Singapore National Library

Fruits of Giant Fishtail Palm

A Row of Giant Fishtail Palm

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