Japanese Maple - Acer Palmatum

The Japanese Maple

 Name:   Japanese Maple
Scientific Name Acer Palmatum    
Height5 - 8 m
Span: 5 - 7 m
Growth Rate: Slow
Sun Tolerance: Partial Sun
ABP Index:  4 (Aesthetics 4, Solidarity 4)

Acer Palmatum is well known for their attractive maple leaves in the world. The tree is not a native of North America but stills flourish in United State’s different climates. Acer Palmatum is extensively used in Bonsai. Acer Palmatum are so much versatile that they can fit into any park, garden and roadside. They are very slow growers and flourish in moist soil. The leaves of the tree are star-shaped. The color of the leaves is bright yellow, orange and red. The famous and striking Canadian Maple Leaf gold and silver bullions feature Acer Palmatum’s leaf.  

 Bark of Japanese Maple 

   Japanese Maple during Winter Season

Beautiful leaves of Japanese Maple 

Leaves of Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

Different Types of Leaves of Japanese Maple

 Fruits of Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple Leaves

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