Saguaro - Carnegiea Gigantea

The Saguaro - America's Largest Cactus

Common Name:  Saguaro 
Scientific Name Carnegiea Gigantea    
Height: 12 - 18 m
Span: 18 - 24 inches
Growth Rate: Slow
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun
ABP Index: 4.5 (Aesthetics 4.5, Solidarity 4.5)

Saguaro is the largest cactus in the United States of America and its flower is the state flower of Arizona. The saguaro cactus can grow over 15 m and live up to 200 years. Saguaros are slow growing cactus. Saguaro dominates the entire region as the Arizona receives high amount of rainfall twice a year. Saguaro produces flowers mostly in spring that are bell-shaped and 8-10 cm wide. Bats, bees and birds are the main consumers as well as pollinators of saguaros.  Saguaro can only be found in Arizona and Mexico. The Saguaro was also photographed extensively by the legendary Ansel Adams a testimony of it's architectural beauty. 

  Saguaro  Flowers Buds

  Close view of Saguaro Spines

  Close View of Saguaro Spines

  Saguaro  Flowers Emerging

 Saguaro  Fruiting

  Saguaro  Cactus Flower Bud 

Saguaro  Sapling

 Small Saguaro  Cactus

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