Fiddleleaf Fig - Ficus Lyrata

Full Grown Fiddleleaf Fig
Common Name:   Fiddleleaf Fig
Scientific Name  Ficus Lyrata  
Height:  40-50 ft
Span:  10-15 ft
Growth Rate:  Slow
Sun Tolerance:  Shade
ABP Index:  4.0 (Aesthetics 4.0, Solidarity 4.0) 

Fiddle leaf Fig is native to Western Africa, which generally grows in tropical rain forest plains.  It is species of fig tree that can grow up to 40-50 ft.  The leaves of the Fiddle leaf Fig are large, broad, dark green and resemble Fiddle. It is generally used as an indoor plant,as only average watering is needed. This indoor plant grows slow and blooms all the year. The tree comes in bush and tree forms. 

  Fiddleleaf Fig Leaves

Fiddleleaf Fig's Fruits

Fruit of Fiddleleaf Fig

Fiddleleaf Fig in Primary Stages

Fruits of Fiddleleaf Fig

Fiddleleaf Fig's Leaves 

Indoor Fiddleleaf Fig 

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