Fan Aloe - Aloe Plicatilis

Fan Aloe

Common Name:   Fan Aloe
Scientific Name  Aloe Plicatilis  
Height:  5-16 ft
Span:  6-8 ft
Growth Rate:  Slow
Sun Tolerance:  Full Sun
ABP Index:  4.5 (Aesthetics 4.5, Solidarity 4.5) 

Fan Aloe is striking shrub that has an amazing fan-like cluster arrangement on the two opposite row. It grows in the mountains of Western Cape in South Africa. The Fan Aloe can grow up to 16 ft and the color of the leaves is grey-green. The top portion of the leaves seems like a group of grey hands raised in the air. The flowers burst at the end of the winter and the color of the flowers is bright pink. It is undoubtedly one of the best ornamental plants.  

Fan Aloe Flowering 

Close up of Fan Aloe's Flowers

Full Grown Fan Aloe

 Close View of Fan Aloe's Leaf

Sapling of Fan Aloe

Developing Fan Aloe Sapling

Close View of Fan Aloe Leaves

Bark of Fan Aloe

Fan Aloe Flower Spikes

Close View of Fan Aloe Spikes


  1. is it available in singapore?

  2. Hi ym, I only saw one at the flower dome at gardens by the bay.
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