Caralia Brachiata "Honiara"

Caralia Brachiata "Honiara"

Scientific Name: Caralia Brachiata Honoria
Common Name: none
Height: 10 m

Span: 2 m
Growth Rate: Normal
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun

ABP Index: 4.0 (Aesthetics 4.0, Solidarity 4.0)

Carallia brachiata Merrill (Rhizophoracea) is a large tree occurs through out India up to an altitude of 1300 m and often planted as ornamental tree. The fruits and seeds are edible. The seeds contain oil which is used as a substitute for ghee in Karnataka. An infusion of leaves is taken like tea and together with a mixture of benzion, turmeric and rice dust is used in treatment of sapraemia. The bark is mentioned to be useful in the treatment of itching, cuts and wounds, oral ulcers, inflammation of the throat and stomatitis. 

The beauty of this plant is that it grows like a pillar vertically and it's branches droop down like lazy arms. It looks like a long feather duster and gives a dreamy feel. An architecturally unique plant.

Crown of Caralia Brachiata Honoria

Caralia Brachiata Bark
Caralia Brachiata Flowers

Leaves of Caralia Brachiata

Caralia Brachiata  Stipules
Video on Caralia Brachiata "Honiara"

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