Olive Tree - Olea Europavea

Gnarled split and twisted trunk of olive tree outdoors

Common Name: Olive Tree
Scientific Name: Olea Europaea
Height: 5 m

Span: 5 m
Growth Rate: slow
Sun Tolerance: Full sun

ABP Index: 5.0 (Aesthetics 5.0, Solidarity 5.0)

Olive trees (Olea europaea) have long represented wealth, abundance, power and peace. The olive has been a symbol of the Mediterranean since time immemorial, and has a reputation for long life, nourishment and its ability to thrive in tough conditions. Its primary product, olive oil, is revered throughout the world for its distinctive flavour. Homer called it 'liquid gold'. In ancient Greece, athletes rubbed olive oil over their bodies, and victorious competitors received no trophies or medals; instead the symbol of supreme honour was the olive wreath placed on their heads. There are claims of 1,600 year old trees still producing fruit. 

The beauty of Olive trees are the age old elfish looking trunks when it gets old. A few of these ancient trees would make your garden look ethereal.

Old Olive Tree Trunk
Old Olive Tree
Olive Tree Fruit

Century old twisted olive tree trunk 

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