Cobas Tree - Cyphostemma Currori

Cobas Tree - Cyphostemma Currori

Common name: Cobas tree, Butter Tree
Scientific Name: Cyphostemma Currori 
Height: 6m
Span: 3-4m
Growth rate: Normal 
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun
ABP Index: 4.0 (Aesthetics 4.0, Solidarity 4.0)

Cyphostemma Currorii is a succulent tree and is known by the names of cobas tree or butter tree. Cobas Trees are found in the dry and rocky hill slopes of Africa - Angola and Nambia. It gets to grow so big as it
stores much moisture in its thick smooth trunk that reflects the heat and protects the trunk from evaporation.  The tree is frequently multi-stemmed and may reach a height of 6 m, while normally the diameter of its trunk is about 1 m. The papery bark is yellowish to pale brown, the underbark whitish to reddish.

The shiny skin and big green leaves that clump at the top makes it look like a large broccoli. Some look surreal, like they have come out from a cartoon. A curious conversation maker in any garden.

Cyphostemma Currori

Cyphostemma Currori Seeds
Cyphostemma Currori Young
Cyphostemma Currori new leafs

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