Song of India - Dracaena Reflexa

Dracaena Reflexa
Common name: Song of India
Scientific name: Dracaena Reflexa
Height: 4–5 m  
Growth rate: Slow
Sun Tolerance: Partial Sun, Full Sun 
Span: 3-4m
ABP Index: 3.5 (Aesthetics 3.5, Solidarity 3.5)

Dracaena Reflexa is a tender evergreen shrub or small tree native to Madagascar and Mauritius. The shiny leaves are narrowly lance-shaped, green in the middle and bordered with pale yellow that frames each leaf. There are greener version. The leaves spiral upwards from the stems to tip in a wild fashion that creates the Song of India's messy and unpredictable crown. Mature plants may bear large clusters of greenish-white flowers. Like a song, the Song of India looks like a beautiful score.

Song of India Tree

Dracaena Reflexa leaves in group
Dracaena Reflexa buds
Dracaena reflexa seeds
Dracaena Reflexa leaves
Dracaena Reflexa Fruits
Video on Dracaena Reflexa

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  1. It is really important for you to choose a good plants or flowers that you want to plant in your garden. And I think Dracaena Reflexa is one of the best option.


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