Brazilian Ironwood - Caesalpinia Ferrea

Brazilian Ironwood - Leopard Tree

Common Name: Brazilian Ironwood
Scientific Name: Caesalpinia ferrea
Height:  up to 70 ft ( up to 20 m)
Span:  20 – 30  ft (6 – 8 m)
Growth Rate: Fast
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun
ABP Index: 3.0 (Aesthetics 3.0, Solidarity 3.0)

Caesalpinia ferrea, commonly known as  Brazilian ironwood, also known as Leopard Tree. This is a tree Amazon Forest that mainly found in Brazil and Bolivia. This is a large tree can grow up to 20m.Canopy becomes denser with age and trunk thickens to a very robust size. This is a deciduous tree. Bright yellow flowers held on the ends of stems, bark is a dappled grey through brown, giving the tree the appearance of a leopard, so it called Leopard Tree. 
People like this wood to create furniture’s for its smoothness.  Its wood is often used for making fingerboards for electric basses and guitars. It has a similar feel and similar tonal attributes to rosewood, but is harder and has a slightly lighter color.  In guitar making The Brazilian Ironwood is not only used for fingerboards or bridges but also can be used for the back and sides of the acoustic guitar.  Although similar in many ways to rosewood, The Brazilian Ironwood has slightly different tonal qualities, with coloration from coffee brown to yellow brown and purple.

Brazilian Ironwood - Caesalpinia ferrea

Brazilian Ironwood - Trunk

Leopard Tree's Leaves

Flower of Brazilian Ironwood
Brazilian Ironwood's Fruits

Brazilian Ironwood - Wood

Woods of Brazilian Ironwood
A Beautiful Structure of Brazilian Ironwood

Furniture of Brazilian Ironwood

Floor by Brazilian Ironwood

Brazilian Ironwood - Floor
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