Pygmy Date Palm - Phoenix Roebelenii

Pygmy Date Palm - Phoenix roebelenii

 Common Name: Pygmy Date Palm
Scientific Name: Phoenix roebelenii
Height:  6.5 – 10  ft ( 2 – 3 m)
Span:  12 – 15  ft (3.5 – 4.6 m)
Growth Rate: Slow
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun
ABP Index: 2.5 (Aesthetics 3.0, Solidarity 2.0)

Phoenix roebelenii common name is pygmy date palm also known as miniature date palm. It is native to southeastern Asia, from southwestern China (Yunnan Province), northern Laos and northern Vietnam. P. roebelenii is slow-growing slender tree. It is an evergreen tree that grows 2–3 m (6.5 –10 ft) tall. The leaves are 60–120 cm (24–47 in) long, pinnate, with around 100 leaflets arranged in a single plane. Each leaflet is 15–25 cm (6–10 in) 15-25 cm long and 1 cm broad, slightly drooping, and grey-green in color with scurfy pubescence below.
It blooms yellowish-white flower in early summer. The fruit is an edible 1 cm drupe resembling a small, thin-fleshed date. Pygmy Date Palm is quite popular as a specimen planting or in containers, especially attractive at poolside. It is usually used as a single specimen although it is also effective in groups of three or more.

Pygmy Date Palm
Pygmy Date Palm : Trunk

Pygmy Date Palm : Leaves

Pygmy Date Palm : Flowers
Pygmy Date Palm : Fruits
Pygmy Date Palm
Pygmy Date Palm : Young Plant
Pygmy Date Palm
Pygmy Date Palm
Pygmy Date Palm
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