Northern Red Oak - Quercus Borealis

Northern Red Oak - Quercus borealis

Common Name: Northern Red Oak
Scientific Name: Quercus borealis
Height: 90 - 140ft (28 – 43 m)
Span:  30 - 60ft (10 - 20 m)
Growth Rate: Fast
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun
ABP Index: 2.0 (Aesthetics 2.0, Solidarity 2.0)

Northern red oak the scientific name is Quercus borealis is also known as champion oak, is native to Europe and North America. It is a medium to large growing tree. In many forests, this deciduous tree grows straight and tall, to 90 ft(28 m), exceptionally to 140 ft(43 m) tall, with a trunk of up to 20–40 in(50–100 cm) diameter. Open-grown trees do not get as tall, but can develop a stouter trunk, up to 6 ft(2 m) in diameter. The Northern red oak is a fast growing tree and it can be 15–20 ft(5–6 m) tall within 10 years. This is a long living tree. A tree may live up to 500 years. The green leaves grow alternately, 5-10 inches long and they become red color in autumn.The northern red oak is one of the most important oaks for timber production in North America. Quality red oak is of high value as lumber and veneer, while defective logs are used as firewood.

Northern Red Oak in Autumn

Northern Red Oak : Green Life

Northern Red Oak : Green Leaves

Northern Red Oak : Red Leaves

Northern Red Oak : Bark

Northern Red Oak : Flowers

Northern Red Oak : Fruit

Northern Red Oak : Fruits

Northern Red Oak 
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