Lion’s Tail – Agave Attenuate

Lion’s Tail - Agave attenuate

Common Name: Lion’s Tail
Scientific Name: Agave attenuate
Height: 20–60 inches (50 - 150 cm)
Span:  20–60 inches (50 - 150 cm)
Growth Rate: medium
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun
ABP Index: 4.0 (Aesthetics 4.0, Solidarity 4.0)

Lion’s Tail the scientific name is Agave attenuate. It is a species of agave also known as the "swan's neck", or "foxtail". Lion’s Tail is native to the plateau of central Mexico. The stems of the Lion’s Tail generally grow from 20–60 inches (50 - 150 cm) in length, but when it blooms it can grows up to 20 ft (up to 6 m) in length. An old plant eventually falls off its old leaves and leaving them naked and visible. The leaves are ovate-accuminate, 20–28 in (50–70 cm) long and 5–6 in (12–16 cm) wide. Lion’s Tails bloom after 10 years and it blooms in spring. It is looks so beautiful when it blooms, so that people like this plant in their garden. Agave attenuata can cultivate from seeds or by removing suckers produced at the base of older plants or using the thousands of small bulbils produced on its entire flower stalk length. Seeds germinate readily when they are fresh. The basal suckers can be removed in spring or summer, letting the cuttings dry for a few days before inserting in compost. It is prefers relatively moist loamy soil, although it can cope with poor soil and dry conditions.

Lion’s Tail

Lion’s Tail : Leaves

Lion’s Tail : Bark

Agave attenuate : Flower

Agave attenuate : Flower

Agave attenuate : Beside the road

Agave attenuate with long Flower
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