Corkscrew Rus - Juncus Effusus

Corkscrew Rus - Juncus Effusus

Common Name: Corkscrew Rus
Scientific Name:  Juncus Effusus
Height: 1 - 1.5  (30 - 46 cm)
Span:  18 - 24 Inc (0.6 – 0.8 m)
Growth Rate:  Fast
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun
ABP Index: 1.5 (Aesthetics 2.0, Solidarity 1.0)

Juncus effusus 'Spiralis' commonly known as the corkscrew rush is a perennial plant with green spiralingstems. It is a cultivar of the soft rush. It is native to America. The leaves are thick and spiral. Plant is in containers in water gardens. Plant elsewhere in containers sunk in mud if control of possible unwanted spread is desired. The plant grows 1 – 1.5 ft ( 30-46 cm ) in height. It blooms light-pink flower in summer. It is full sun water plant. It can be plant edin tub but tub must be always full of water or wet. It is suited to container cultivation and can be used as a houseplant. Plants are often slow to establish, but once established will slowly spread by creeping roots.

Corkscrew Rus in wild

Corkscrew Rus Leaves

Corkscrew Rus Spiral Leaves

Corkscrew Rus Leaves

Corkscrew Rus Flowers

Corkscrew Rus Commercial

Corkscrew Rus as ornamental

Corkscrew  Rus

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Video of Corkscrew Rus

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