Oyster Plant - Tradescantia Spathacea Variegata

Oyster Plant - Tradescantia Spathacea Variegata

Common Name: Oyster Plant
Scientific Name:  Tradescantia Spathacea Variegata
Height: 8-13 in (20-35 cm)
Span:  1-2 in (3-5 cm)
Growth Rate:  Fast
Sun Tolerance:  Shade
ABP Index: 2.5 (Aesthetics 4.0, Solidarity 1.0)

Tradescantia spathacea commonly known as Oyster Plant and also known as Rhoeo. It is native to southern Mexico and Central America. Dark-green, lance-shaped leaves with purplish-red undersides make this a beautiful house plant year-round. Flowers are numerous, small, white and clustered. It blooms any time of year. It has been introduced as an ornamental and houseplant in many tropical regions.

Oyster Plant beautiful Leaves

Oyster Plant Flower

Oyster Plant Flowers

Oyster Plant Bark

Oyster Plant

Oyster Plant
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