Frangipani - Plumeria

Common Name: Frangipani
Scientific Name: Plumeria
Height: up to 8 m
Span: up to 7 m
Growth Rate: Slow
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun, Shade
ABP Index: 4.0 (Aesthetics 4, Solidarity 4)

The Frangipani is a mystical flowering tree that is present in most tropical countries and is intertwined with their cultures. Asia local folks believe it provides shelter to ghosts and demons. Hindus associate it with their temples. Polynesian women wear the flowers to indicate their relationship status - over the right ear if seeking relationship and over the left if taken.

The first thing that captures you is the flowers that come in bunches and in many different colors (different varieties of Plumeria). Each flower has 5 soft petals that ooze colors in gradient form from the middle to the edge.

The sausage like branches move vertically upwards and split to form beautiful branch architecture. At the end of each branch would be a cluster of thick green leaves that show distinct veins.

As the tree age, the branches and bark of the tree swell in irregular areas and resemble an old rhino skin, giving it character.

Whether it has many branches or little branches, with leaves or without leaves, with flowers or without flowers, the Frangipani's beauty can be enjoyed in all seasons and perspective. A truly architecturally beautiful plant.

Frangipani Leaves
Frangipani Flowers
Frangipani Red Flower (PlantWerkz Favourite)
Frangipani Branch Architecture Shadow
Budding Frangipani Leaves
Frangipani at poolside of Luxurious Home
Frangipani Grove in Singapore Botanical Gardens

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