Pinto Peanut - Arachis Pintoi

Pinto Peanut Flower

Common Name: Yellow Peanut Plant, Pinto Peanut
Scientific Name: Arachis Pintoi
Height: 0.2 m
Span: Ground Cover
Growth Rate: 2m per Year
Sun Tolerance: Full Sun, Shade
ABP Index: 1.5 (Aesthetics 2, Solidarity 1)

From the forest of Brazil, the pinto peanut or yellow peanut plant is a creeper that grows on the ground and look like grass from afar. It has little green oval leaves with a distinct whitish vein in the middle of the leave, making look like closed little green eyes covering the ground. Every few green leaves, specks of yellow little 'orchid' looking like flowers protrude 5-7 cm above the green sea. From an ant's view, it look like sunflowers in bloom, a beautiful sea of green and yellow.

Pinto Peanut or Yellow Peanut Plant - Arachis Pintoi

Field of Pinto Peanut in HortPark, Singapore

Pinto Peanut Patch

Pinto Peanut Fact Sheet

More information on the Pinto Peanut here

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  1. It must be fascinating gardening in Brasil. I love the peanut plant and I did think for a moment that it was an orchid. Possibly a relative? Happy blogging!

  2. hehe :)
    I love garden art. All your photo look great. Nice blog also. Beth -

  3. So thats what it is! I saw these growing in Malaysia and wondered what they were because all the butterflies seemed to love them. Thanks for telling me about the Pinto Peanut.

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  5. thankyou .. you have helped me to make my persentation about arachis pintoi


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