Mondo Grass - Ophiopogon Japonicus 'Kyoto Dwarf'

Mondo Grass in Cracks of Stone Pavement

Common Name:  Mondo Grass
Scientific Name Ophiopogon Japonicus    
Height: Up to 15 cm
Span: 10 - 15 cm
Growth Rate: Slow
Sun Tolerance: Partial Sun
ABP Index: 3.5 (Aesthetics 4, Solidarity 3)

Mondo grass is used as an ornamental grass, which has a rich dark green color giving your garden or lawn a luxurious carpet look.  It is the best plant for your lawn walkway as it is soft and fills the gaps in the pavements. It is a slow grower and requires little maintenance, but once it is full grown, it will be attractive. It is sometimes used in aquariums. It can be grown on wide varieties of soils and requires partial to full shade of sun. The plant produces blue colored seeds that look like blue berries. A must for any garden.

Mondo Grass Lawn

Mondo Grass in Aquarium

Mondo Grass Tuft

Mondo Grass Seeds 

Video on Mondo Grass:

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